Elecom analog puzzle game iPhone 5 cases for non-stop fun

Are you way too addicted to play games on your iPhone 5? Wished that you can play the grueling games inside out even when you are not playing them on the high quality iPhone 5’s screen? Then Elecom has a new collection of iPhone 5 cases that have nostalgic analog games on the back side and come in attractive colors. Elecom PS-A12PVGM Series iPhone 5 cases bring back the old memories of the small little games we used to play. The iPhone 5 cases are made from polycarbonate resin material and the protective silicon coating film prevents any damage to the display.

Now coming on to the USP of these iPhone 5 cases, they come in 5 different variants namely:

# Drop-Ball (Blue) analog game case

Drop ball Blue case has the game to compete with all the speed that fit a small ball of 15 depressions.

# Sort Ball (Green) analog game case

Sorting ball Green has the game in which you have to allocate each area with one color, and the faster you do it the better the score.

# Maze (Orange) analog game case

In the Maze of Orange case game the goal is to take the ball from start of the maze to the goal.

# 15 Puzzle (Yellow) analog game case

Yellow 15 Puzzle is a case that has the game in which you have to order from number 1 to number 15 in written form as fast as possible.

# Pachinko (Pink) analog game case

Pachinko Pink is the case to place all the small balls in pockets through the maze.

The price for these iPhone 5 puzzle game cases is not yet set and you can suggest your quotes or request for purchase at your negotiated price from here.



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