Steady Wheel camera stabilizer reduces unwanted shake while shooting action footage

As a budding photographer and filmmaker one thing than can add very professional feel to your shoots is the least amount of shake in the camera movement in case you are taking action shots. You would say that a tripod solves that purpose but it is good enough for only still shoots. And what if you wanted more professional shoots with your ordinary smartphone, POV, digital camera or video recording equipment? In that case you are in a fix and the only way out is to hold it with your hands and hope that the hands aren’t shaky. Based on movement of inertia and low center of gravity principles the portable Steady Wheel Camera Stabilizer drastically reduces shaky images or video footage so that you can make much more professional level shoots. As this camera accessory is make from material that can take on any environmental conditions or tons of weight, it is less susceptible to damage.

3D acrylic sculpture that you’ll get with Steady Wheel camera stabilizer

Steady Wheel has been designed specifically keeping in mind that it is small enough to fit inside a backpack and at the same time gives you the freedom to shoot incredible shake less footage. This accessory is worth having for hobbyist filmmakers, thrill seekers, adventure sports freaks and family guys too who want to add that never before seen perspective. At this point in time this interesting project is up on Kickstarter crowd-funding website for funding and if the targeted goal is achieved we’ll soon see Steady Wheel camera stabilizer up for purchase. If you pledge certain amount for the project then you can get cool merchandise like T-shirts and even a 3D handmade sculpture.

Thanks Jordyn Rickard


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