Pop-up 2 Way LED Lantern for home use and camping trips

Pop-up 2 Way LED Lantern L1-95-L1-96

The Pop-up 2 Way LED Lantern L1-95-L1-96 is a lighting solution for homes, camping trips and times when the lights go out. A very intuitive solution for places where power outages are very common or when you are going out for adventure trips into the wild. This two-way LED Lantern works in two modes; one is as a Lantern hanging mode and one is a hand-shaped LED solution light when you need more freedom while walking in the dark or searching for something. Pop-up 2 Way LED Lantern works in two modes; Eco and high power mode with 25 lumens and 100 lumens power respectively. One can switch between these two modes at the touch of a button depending on the need.

Pop-up 2 Way LED Lantern

More like a gas lantern it has warm light that produces a very relaxing space ideal for home use too with a continuous lighting time of 25 hours in high mode and 60 hours in eco mode. The total weight of this lantern LED light is 140 grams and product size of 85x132x50 mm makes it portable enough to carry in a backpack. You can buy the Pop-up 2 Way LED Lantern for $23 (2100 Yen) which seems like a justified price for such a resourceful gadget.

Pop-up 2 Way LED Lantern

Pop-up 2 Way LED Lantern


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