Camera viewfinder accessory for times when shooting angle gets impossible

Sanko Electronic Viewfinder HDM35EVF

At times while taking photographs it becomes difficult to see clearly through the viewfinder simply because you are in an uncomfortable position to do so. For example while taking very low grounded shots you have to lie down yourself and have a look inside the viewfinder to compose the frame, other option is to view it on the camera’s screen but that doesn’t ensure a perfect picture when you finally see the results. To come over this predicament, Sanko Electronic Viewfinder 3.5 inches HDM35EVF (for input and output HDMI) is the best option you can crave for. To make sure that the sun doesn’t obstruct the view, there is a hood eye cup integrated with this electronic viewfinder which works equally good with left and right eye viewing.

Sanko Electronic Viewfinder HDM35EVF

This camera accessory is very useful for outdoor shooting as it comes with an AC adapter and battery support compatible with Cannon LP-E6. Whether you are taking high angle shots, low angled perspectives or any other shooting style that requires such functionality to make shooting even more productive, Sanko Electronic Viewfinder is the ideal thing to have for photographers. This accessory has a total weight of 262 grams, has a HDMI cable and comes with 3.5 inch LCD monitor display. The price is set at US$265 (24,800 Japanese Yen) and to buy it right away click here before the stocks run out.

Sanko Electronic Viewfinder HDM35EVF



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