DIGIFI Audionauts helmet by Mike Kim redefines high-fidelity audio

DIGIFI Audionauts helmet by Mike Kim

As a part of the DIGIFI promotion for high quality audio, this Audionauts helmet very capably portrays DIFI’s high-fidelity audio symposium for future of spatial audio in home, vehicles and other events. The helmet consists of a power acoustic PT-700MHR 7-inch widescreen headrest monitor, two Dayton audio shielded silk dome tweeters and 4 Dayton audio shielded woofers. While the exterior components of this helmet comprises of 2 custom crossovers and one HLLY 90 T-amplifier.

DIGIFI Audionauts helmet by Mike Kim

The designer Mike Kim has made this helmet to portray the audio astronauts as explorers of deep-space of music, revisiting memories and feelings making an impression from the music records. DIGIFI is a high-fidelity audio symposium targeting 20 to 30 year olds, meaning it redefines the modern era of music and how audio is perceived by users.

DIGIFI Audionauts helmet by Mike Kim

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