Skyflash wearable jetpack prototype looks promising

Skyflash jetpack

Jetpacks and jet-powered personal transportation has always been a fantasy inspired human craving that has begun to take shape lately, as it has been evident from some of the impressive jetpacks we have seen in the past. Joining the elite list of jetpacks that capture our imagination and give a sneak peak as to what future of personal transportation will be, this Skyflash one-man jet propelled wing by Fritz Unger who is a keen enthusiast of flying with wings is one example of futuristic designs. More like a backpack with wings the jetpack can be deemed as the smallest twin engine plane (microturbine diesel jet engine) there ever was with the ability to take off and land without much hassle. With a wingspan of 11.15 foot, the wings have a greater surface area for much more stable flight at high speeds. Skyflash is made from aviation plywood covered in shrink-wrap plastic and other parts were fabricated using lasers and CNC technology.

Skyflash jetpack

For flight control an 8-inch graphic interface is attached to pilot’s arm which reminds me of the Predator and Iron Man movies. The fuel is stored in tanks attached to the jetpack which are further connected to the wings. Weighing around 130 kg, Skyflash might not be easy to carry around on your back and to assist the rider; there is an undercarriage which keeps it 10 inches off the road so that it can take off the highways.

Skyflash jetpack

The speed is controlled with a throttle and to change directions pilot has to perform body weight shift which also actuates the climbing or descending motion. For that extra thrust V2 rocket is used in case one wants to change direction instantly. Having a flight time of one hour at impressive cruise speed of 126 km/h and average speed of 100 km/h Skyflash is going to rock the arena.

Skyflash jetpack

On the safety aspect too, Skyflash is upbeat with quick release mechanism for the wings, wingbody parachute and the suit itself is made from material to take on extreme temperature levels in case things go wrong.

Skyflash jetpack

# Skyflash jetpack testing stages

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