Ultralight Jones Snowboards’ Ultracraft Splitboard made from carbon fiber

Jeremy Jones (owner and founder of Jones Snowboards) in association with his team of finest backcountry snowboarders has designed the Ultracraft Splitboard – a 5.5lbs splitboard made from combination of wood and carbon fiber. Announced at the SIA last week, the Jones Snowboards’ Ultracraft Splitboard weighs about 25% lighter than the lightest splitboard out there, and can be easily transformed into individual skis, simply by undoing a pair of latches featured midway on the Ultracraft.

Ultracraft Splitboard, unlike other splitboards, which are designed as whole snowboard first and then cut into half, has been constructed with separate splits build as individual skis, which are then joined together with latches. This minor change not only makes the Ultracraft better but also makes it more responsive and flexible in both snowboard and individual split ski versions. Under the hood, the Ultracraft features separate wood cores and carbon fiber construction, which makes it an amazing snowboard slated to sell for $1,200. The Ultracraft Splitboard will be available in fall 2013.

Via: CoolHunting



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