Limited Edition MB&F HM4 Final Edition watch costs whooping $230,000

Limited Edition MB&F HM4 Final Edition watch

We have seen some eye-popping watches from MB&F in the past like the C3H5N3o9 and HM5 watch which were impressive to say the least. Their latest offering is the Horological Machine No4 a.k.a. HM4 Final Edition watch inspired by the radar defying technology in Lockheed F-117 Nightwalk stealth aircraft courtesy the flat radar-deflecting panels, black surfaces camouflaged seamlessly with the night sky and a revolutionary titanium frame. It is quite exclusive and comes in a Limited Edition of only 8 pieces which will be available only in The Hour Glass in Singapore, Westime in Los Angeles, Chronopassion in Paris, Chronometryx in Gstaad and MB&F’s M.A.D.Gallery in Geneva. Such is the exclusivity of this amazing timepiece that it is one of the most elusive watch that anyone can think of owning.

Limited Edition MB&F HM4 Final Edition watch

Just like the Lockheed F-117 Nightwalk, HM4 Final Edition has that flat angular paneled look, dark PVD treated surfaces and high-tech titanium coating. The two separate shielded panels show the seconds and the minute & hour hand respectively. The only difference between the inspiration of this watch and the final product i.e. HM4 is that the watch not invisible to the radar detectors.
HM4 Final Edition having Manual winding with two mainspring barrels in parallel, power reserve of 72 hours and 50 embedded jewels is currently exhibited at the MAD gallery and is quite light weight with sapphire crystal midsection.

Limited Edition MB&F HM4 Final Edition watch

The limited edition HM4 comes in Razzle Dazzle and Double Trouble aviation theme having real rivets just like the Lockheed F-117 Nightwalk has in its fuselage and hand-printed art which is inspired by World War 2 aircrafts. The regulators and screws were developed specifically for this timepiece only and the horizontal dual mainspring barrels drive the vertical gear trains which then moves the hour, minute and second hands.
Having a very sleek aerodynamic design HM4 Thunderbolt anarchistic calibre has transparent sapphire section which was machined and polished for almost 185 hours to achieve that curved look. The HM4 Thunderbolt will cost a whooping $158,000; while the HM4 Final Edition costs an even mind-numbing $230,000.

# The stunning MB&F HM4 Thunderbolt watch



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