Reflective Rope Pack is perfect for camping and adventure trips

If you are an avid adventurer who likes to camp in the wild things can get a little awkward while setting things up. Especially when you are setting up your camp tent and the last thing you want is the ropes getting messed up or even worse there is not enough light to see the ropes themselves. Reflective Rope Pack is an innovative new product that solves this very problem as it glows in the dark, so that you as a user can see the rope clearly even in the most adverse conditions. The rope has a green reflection of 2.44 mm in diameter and is very safe for use in the dark as you will never get your legs or feet tangled in the rope itself.

Reflective Rope Pack

The Nite Ize reflective Rope in this pack is 15.24 meters in length and can be used for other activities like boating, tying up tarps or shelters and hanging bear bags. The rope is made from high quality nylon and special reflective strip that is woven on the rope itself. Reflective Rope Pack is ideal for people who like to be on the trails, highways, into the wild, campsites or destination unknown. The price for this Reflective Rope Pack is 1688 Yen (US$ 19) which is money worth investing if you are a frequent camper in the wild.



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