Ascendeo Flip ‘n’ Charge Wireless Charging Kit for Sony Xperia Z

All proud owners of the Sony Xperia Z just have another reason swell up with pride as Ascendeo at MWC 2013 announces its newly developed Muvit Qi Wireless Charging Kit for Sony Xperia Z. Comprising of a protective Qi wireless charging case and a magnetic base which recharges the battery of the Xperia Z once it is placed inside the case and on top of the induction pad, connected to a wall socket. Dubbed the Flip ‘n’ Charge, the kit is sleek and ultra slim and is designed specifically for the Sony Xperia Z.

The kit comprising a sleek cover and an awesome round pad, use induction technology to wirelessly charge the smartphone. The base plate passes charge wirelessly to the protective cover of the Sony Xperia Z, which senses the electromagnetic signals emitted by the induction base (when the phone in the cover is placed on the plate) and transmits this as power to the phone inside the case to recharge the battery. Hit the jump to see the video to understand it better.

Flip ‘n’ Charge Wireless Charging Kit for Sony Xperia Z will be available in stores beginning next week for €90 (approx. $120).

Via: LeMondeNumerique



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