PQI Air Pen is world’s smallest wireless AP with memory storage

PQI Air Pen

The world’s smallest pocket sized wireless AP class that also functions as an USB drive is here courtesy PQI Group. They have released PQI Air Pen with IEEE 802.11b/g/n and Ethernet interface that can be connected to the internet with a LAN cable and thereafter you can use as many devices as you want to be connected wirelessly to the internet. Weighing just 40 grams it is very portable to carry around and also functions as a storage device for all your files with the integrated microSD/SDHC card slot. This means that you can also download or upload data to any number of devices wirelessly. The retractable USB 3.0 port ensures that there is high speed data transfer when connected to your PC/laptop. The portable wireless adapter can also be used as a wireless LAN access point with the 1 LAN port group compliant wired 100BASE-TX/10BASE-T.

PQI Air Pen

PQI Air Pen comes in very handy for places where there is no wireless connectivity for your smartphones, tablets or any other gadgets. The device can be charged up with the USB port and gives 2 hours of continuous operating time on one charge. The PQI Air Pen app for your tablet and smartphones ensures seamless compatibility in case you want to sync data to a PQI Air Bank (sold separately) just with the press of a button. Air Pen is compatible with Mac OS X 10.1, Windows XP or later, iOS 4.0 or higher and Android 2.1 or later versions and comes at a justified price of 4980 Yen (US$53) and you can buy it right away.


PQI Air Pen



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