Androidly is world’s smallest android wristwatch, costs $219

Androidly world's smallest Android device

Android compatible watches are quickly catching up the trend of a new kind of gizmo that doubles as a wristwatch and at the same time as an Android device. Deemed as the world’s smallest Android device, Androidly gives Vega Android WiFi watch and the heavily funded Kickstarter initiative, the Pebble Smartwatch a good run for their money. Androidly is created by a tech geek Apurva Sukant from India who wanted to make the smallest android device that could do everything that your smartphone or tablet can do. Successfully creating a wristwatch like Android device which costs only 12000 INR (US$219), Androidly is loaded with a camera, Bluetooth, WiFi connectivity, GPS and calling functions.

Androidly world's smallest Android device

Quite capable of multi-tasking, Androidly is the next gen device for people who don’t like to carry bulky smartphones or tablets. The high definition 2 inch screen of this watch is optimized for a great user experience honed by the powerful processor. Loaded with apps like Quick Office, Facebook, Gmail, Twitter, Google Maps, Team Viewer and more Androidly seeks to give a vision to what futuristic gizmos and gadgets are going to be like.

Androidly world's smallest Android device

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