DIY AeroDrone MR4 Quadrotor that you can make for under $250

DIY AeroDrone MR4 Quadrotor UAV

This is AeroDrone MR4 Quadrotor designed and manufactured in Melbourne, Australia by Bask Aerospace and comes as a result of excellent engineering inputs and development. Covered by a hard ABS Case for maximum strength to the core platform of MR4 Quadrotor, it also protects the inner electronics (like sensor bays, Optical Flow Sensor and Sonar) from damage while landing or taking off on rough terrain. MR4 can take a payload of 500 grams during autonomous flight and the APM Mission Planner enables unmanned flight to places where it is too dangerous to step-in. The frame of quadrotor is made from recyclable material, thereby making it an environmentally friendly design of the future. This UAV has undercarriage of 14.5cm for an optimized ground clearance to carry different payloads with ease, for example a camera unit.

DIY AeroDrone MR4 Quadrotor UAV

It has narrow cylindrical booms made from high strength aluminum alloy to ensure aerodynamic flow behavior. AeroDrone MR4 Quadrotor has uBlox GPS and MaxBotic XL-EZO Sonar for pint-point navigation during flights and is operated with a RC transmitter/receiver system running on 3 cell LiPo battery. Further the telemetry system extends the possibilities even more with this Unmanned Aerial Vehicle. The UAV has a flight time of 15 minutes with a maximum speed of 27-37kmph for now and does very well in harsh windy conditions as well. All the mapping of way points and path to be followed are actuated by ground control software APM Mission Planner using Google Maps.

DIY AeroDrone MR4 Quadrotor UAV

Interestingly you can also make one for yourself by purchasing the AeroDrone MR4 kit costing $229 and following the instructions given. So it can be the coolest DIY that you ever made. While on the other hand you want to buy the finished AeroDrone MR4 Quadrotor then it will set you back $999.



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