Fujitsu’s prototype Laser Headset challenges Google Glass

Project Glass is still only a fancy and we are yet to have a pair of Google Glass rock the market. While Google Glass is probably the best adaptation of glasses-type display, there are other manufacturers who want to post some competition for the might Google Inc. Case in point is Fujitsu who in collaboration with University of Tokyo and QD Laser Inc. has created a head mounted display (HMD) dubbed Laser Headset, which was showcased at Fujitsu’s booth at the recently concluded Mobile World Congress 2013.

The Fujitsu’s prototype Laser Headset, unlike Google Glass which is Internet-connected eyeglass that works like a wearable smartphone on the eye, is a pair of glasses display which uses laser to project an image on a virtual mirror in front of the eye and reflect it back on to the retina to show video almost like on TV. The laser is transferred to the prototype glasses through an external laser unit attached to the glasses via cable.

Though, the laser is applied to the retina to display video (instead of showing it on the glasses), the laser is very low in output and doesn’t cause any harm to the eye. Fujitsu plans to have a Laser Headset that looks like normal sunglasses (pictured above) by Mobile World Congress 2014 – bell rings in Google’s ear?

Via: Techon



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