Linkase iPhone 5 case boosts Wi-Fi signals by 50 percent

iPhone 5 doesn’t really have any reception problems, which probably were a significant glitch in the iPhone 4 initially. Yet, when it comes to leeching on to free Wi-Fi hotspots in the area, to save on your data charges, there is nothing better than an iPhone accessory which can increase Wi-Fi reception for you. Enter Linkase iPhone 5 case – which boasts of increasing Wi-Fi reception to the iPhone 5 by as much as 50 percent. Being impeccably thin, the stylish Linkase wraps around your phone keeping it slim, elegant and safe.

There isn’t a real clue on how the Linkase manages to increase the Wi-Fi reception, but it’s known that the case uses EMW electromagnetic waveguide technology to boost the signal capabilities. So, with the Linkase wrapped around the iPhone 5, you can access Wi-Fi single far better at home, in a cafés or at the airport by simply sliding the EMW antenna out from the back of the Linkase.

Weighing 18g, the Linkase iPhone 5 case comprises of a polycarbonate back and shock-absorbent rubber raised front panel for ultimate protection of the phone. The case is available in five different colors to choose from.

Via: AbsoluteTechnology/Gizmodo



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