Extravagant iPhone cases that detract from their smartphones

Most people disregard design perfection and choose to slap a tacky and thoughtlessly mass-produced case on their masterpiece of communication. You wouldn’t put a $10 eBay case on a postmodern Peter Lau tactile mobile, would you? Because many people have committed these sorts of outrageous fashion and function choices, we have compiled a list of the worst iPhone cases out there. Here are the most atrocious examples of cell phone cases people choose to throw exorbitant sums at each day.

# GnG Golden Delicious
GnG Golden Delicious iPhone case

PHONE: iPhone 5
PRICE: €77,777 ($101,638 USD)

With 600 diamonds and an 18 carat gold shell, it’s no surprise that GnG Golden Delicious is an eye-popping gaudy mobile case costs more than some houses. German designers crafted this beast to suit the finest tastes—well, the finest in their opinions, anyhow. Sadly, countless people have confined their beautiful iPhone’s in this tomb of despair, ensuring that its sleek styling would go unnoticed.

What can owners of the Golden Delicious expect in return for hard-earned cash? Not much in terms of function: this case isn’t even rated for drops, water spills, or screen impacts. Hopefully the owners of the GnG design were truly aiming for a display case, rather than a working phone holder.

GnG Golden Delicious iPhone case

# CalypsoCristal’s Case by Lara Bohinc

PHONE: iPhone 5
PRICE: $100,000 USD

Created from the gaudiest natural sapphires and rubies, this iPhone 5 case glitzes from across a smoky casino. Showgirls no longer need sequins if they choose this over-the-top eyesore.

In exchange for the annual income of an average attorney, you too could own this snaggly-textured iPhone 5 case. Unfortunately for the elite and entitled, this phone will be practically mass-produced: 48.2 million cases will be created for everyone in Vegas, Atlantic City, and Off-Off-Off Broadway.

CalypsoCristal’s Case by Lara Bohinc

# Uunique London Lotus

Uunique London Lotus

PHONE: iPhone 5
PRICE: €189,000 ($246,985 USD)

Crafted from the rarest white, black and pink diamonds, this rose gold case was launched at the
exquisite Kensington Roof Garden. Every level of subtlety and class is thrown out the window
with wild disregard as the nouveau riche line-up to buy this heavy, outrageous mobile case.

People with the highest-end, newest Androids are out of luck; however, this case is designed
exclusively for the latest Apple device which begs the question, does Uunique really want you
to buy it?

# De Bethune Dream Watch IV

PHONE: iPhone 4S
PRICE: S$229,500

Adding insult to injury, the De Bethune iPhone case includes a watch (by the way, so does the phone that’s being encased). So expensive that it costs a whooping S$229,500; the Dream Watch IV is only being made for the 12 most prodigal trust fund babies in the world.

While some people are impressed by the UFO-sleekness of this case, most people realize that it’s so valuable that to use it would be to abuse it, much like a baseball mitt that Babe Ruth owned. Furthermore, the clunky Swiss watch would only double the weight of the smartphone, making it more likely that you would damage the device.

Your 4g phones want to breathe. It wants to been seen and held. Stop ruining the designer’s two-year-long devotion to design by placing mobile phones in cheesy cases. From the most extravagant case that costs more than some nations’ gross domestic products to the ugliest five dollar clearance cases on Amazon, people need to stop clicking ‘buy’ and start going au naturale with smartphones.


Guest Blogger - Natalie Bracco

Natalie Bracco is a techie writer and an amateur gamer. When she's not busy gaming, you can find her writing about mobile news on 4g phones and game reviews. Follow her on Twitter @NatalieBracco.

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