Pioneer’s Potanabi navigation device for cyclists knows where friends are

We’ve in our time seen some random and some really novel navigation devices for cyclists. Following the later bunch of developers and considering the amount biking youngster are doing of late; Pioneer has developed the Potanabi – a 2.4-inch color LCD display waterproof and dustproof navigation device, which will go on sale in Japan later this month for 39,900 yen (approx. $430). Featuring a built-in battery, which gives 10 hours of playback time, the USB charged Potanabi navigation device sits on the handle of the bike and is stuffed in with various sensors to keep track of number of pedal revolutions, speed of the bike, heart rate of the user and power etc.

The most exciting feature of the Navigation cycle “Potanabi SGX-CN710-W / K” (as the device is called), is its Friends Point mode an app which allows the navigation device to inform the rider about the route followed and location of friends tagged in the app, an amazing feature for students who ride in groups. Also to make sure the rider doesn’t lose sight of the destination, the Potanabi comes with View Point feature, which works as GPS, to keep you on the right track.

Measuring 95mm in height, 19mm in depth and 59mm in width, Navigation cycle Potanabi SGX-CN710-W / K weighs in at only 100g.

Via: RBBToday



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