LOCOMO Flintlock Pistol Shotgun Short Umbrella is your weapon for rainy conditions

LOCOMO Flintlock Pistol Shotgun Short Umbrella

Next time you walk on the streets with your umbrella hanging from the shoulders, people would respect you even more probably out of fear! Yes, you heard it right, they would think twice before messing with you and why wouldn’t they? After all you’ll be carrying a shotgun with you. This retro styled LOCOMO Flintlock Pistol Shotgun Short Umbrella is made to look like a real shotgun. So when the rain comes down pouring, all you have to do is take out the umbrella from the backside, pull the trigger and you’ll be shielded from getting wet.

While the LOCOMO Flintlock Pistol Shotgun Short Umbrella is inside the cover it resembles a shotgun very closely which is enough to fool people who pass by. The price is a mere US$23 and is a nice umbrella to have in the rainy seasons that will soon follow.

LOCOMO Flintlock Pistol Shotgun Short Umbrella


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