GLOLED’s Vuucu OLED atmospheric lamp is table lamp, penlight all-in-one

Eversince I have been writing about household items of the 21 century, I don’t seize to be amazed by the kind of thing manufacturers and developers end up creating. And lighting is one category which keeps me spell bound the most. Each time I come across a lighting fixture I wonder what can better this, but the next day I am in for another surprise. Case in point today this amazing lamp-style device dubbed the Vuucu. Designed by Keiji Akiba and being marketed by GLOLED, the notebook-shaped Vuucu is an OLED atmospheric lamp, which uses single OLED panel and folding transparent acrylic board, allowing Vuucu to be used as a table lamp, penlight etc.

The Vuucu emits 40 lm/W of bright light and comprises of OLED panel (and all-phosphorescent panel) by Lumiotec. Powered by via a micro-USB port, the Vuuvu lamp consumes as little as 1.8W of power only, and it can glow like a candle in “fluctuation mode”. Catch the videos below to see the Vuucu in action.

Via: OLED-Info



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