Experimental Talking Shoe Adidas basketball sneakers by Google

The Talking Shoe by Google

As a part of the Art, Copy, Code tech-powered advertising project by Google, the search engine giant has teamed up with artists Zach Lieberman and YesYesNo to create a Talking Shoe. To show how everything can be connected to technology, this experimental Adidas basketball sneaker has its own personality when it comes to conversing with the wearer. Equipped with accelerometer, gyroscope, pressure sensors, Bluetooth and other interesting technology components, the Talking Shoe very intelligently tracks the wearer’s movement and thereafter translates them back into meaningful conversation. For example if the wearer takes rest for too long the shoe comes up with a humorous or motivating phrase that prompts the wearer to keep pushing on in whatever activity he/she is undertaking. In the same way, if the wearer of Talking Shoe is doing rigorous activity for a long duration of time, the shoe appreciates the effort.

The Talking Shoe by Google

The wearer can optionally choose to post these timely chirps from the Talking Shoe straight onto Google+, send real-time as units or even broadcast it via the onboard speakers on the shoe itself. The data can also be send to a web app on your phone too. As the shoe was primarily build just to show how your everyday attire can also have a say in what you do, The Talking Shoe for now can’t be your favorite pair of sneakers. Have a look at the video below to learn more about how the Talking Shoe can be your best mate on a stranded island; that is if it gets pushed into production stage.

Via: GoogleBlog/Slashgear/Dvice



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