Ben Heck’s Ultimate Combo Gaming System packs PS3, Xbox 360 and Nintendo Wii U in one rig

Ben Heck’s Ultimate Combo Gaming System mod

Ben Heck is back again with a thumping mod, fitting right on the top shelf of his long legacy of magic mods that compare to none other. A geek icon, modder with the best DIY’s out there and probably the god of hacks; Ben Heck this time around presents the geek world with a gaming console that has PlayStation 3, Xbox 360 and Nintendo Wii U all stuffed inside on rig. Showcased on the popular Ben Heck Show, this creation is a result of the requests that Ben got from his followers to build a gaming console that quenches the thirst of gamers who want it all in one gaming console. And so, Benjamin J Heckendorn set out on completing this challenging DIY project called Ben Heck’s Ultimate Combo Gaming System which required Ben to take apart, analyze each of these gaming console’s and then modify them to fit the new configuration.

The main challenge was to fit these gaming consoles inside one console especially considering that Ben had never ever before laid his hands on either PS3 or Nintendo Wii U. in the end the modding wizard managed to do so and the final Combo Gaming System has the PlayStation3 on top, the Nintendo Wii U in the middle and Xbox 360 gaming console right at the bottom. Getting all the cables and other components was a bit of genius work, but that is in fact what we expect from such a champ Modder. Have a look at the video below and learn more on how this feat was accomplished.

Via: Revision/Kotaku



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