Homestar Darth Vader planetarium projects the whole Milky Way

Following the success of Homestar R2-D2 and Homestar R2-D2 EX, Sega Toys has enhanced its line of best selling Star Wars-based home planetariums with the launch of Homestar Darth Vader planetarium, which will go on sale on March 29 for 6,300 Yen (approx. $66) exclusively in Japan for now. The Darth Vader planetarium in addition to projecting the whole Milky Way on the ceiling of your room also projects a Tie-fighter in a starry sky for you. Over 10,000 stars are projected by the Star Wars planetarium, and yes did I tell, it also projects the Death Star – yes simply awesome!

Created by Sega Toys in collaboration with planetarium maker Takayuki Ohira, the Homestar Darth Vader planetarium measures L: 120mm x H: 135mm x D: 135mm and is powered by 4 × AA batteries good for 3 hours of continuous projection. Whether you’re Star Wars fan or simply a planetarium enthusiastic, the family-friendly Homestar Darth Vader planetarium is best for some star gazing at home.

Via: NewLaunches



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