Telepathy One wearable communication device for next generation social networking

Telepathy One wearable communication device

Wearable technologies are gaining steady impotence these days and soon there will be a time where wearable social connectivity will be the norm. Google Glasses has started this new age trend and for this very reason new bees like Takahito Iguchi to come up with wearable glasses called Telepathy One. Shown off in a prototype model at the SXSW Interactive 2013, this next generation device enables personal content sharing a snap, which is going to hit all us geeks in a big way. Equipped with a high-quality micro projection unit and integrated camera that provides the user with stable visual information in a very realistic manner. Telepathy One wearable communication device can easily connect with new age gadgets and gizmos including smartphones and tablets making possible social communication which plays a very important role in our fast paced life. The main USP of this wearable device is its ability to share emotional moments in real time with people you love.

Telepathy One wearable communication device

Display and camera of Telepathy One are located in front of the eye and the 5-inch display that is projected shows all the latest updates, social network updates etc. The device can connect to other compatible devices via Bluetooth and thereafter you can check emails, go through feeds or do anything you want with the internet cloud. There are also ear buds and microphone so that you can listen to videos, music feed or communicate with other people. According to speculation the wearable communication device will be available by the end of 2013, which is a good sign for people who are craving for such an innovative product. Google Glasses better watch out!

Telepathy One wearable communication device

# According to Telepathy Inc. CEO Takahito Iguchi

The company develops and supplies “social communication devices” which promote development of bonds between people as if they have a telepathic connections. We are pleased to provide wearable devices to the world and to connect people to each other in a way much more intimate way than possible before.

Telepathy Inc. has already completed the initial R&D and basic design. Our talented members came together to form an expert team to work on early mass production of the Telepathy One, which connects people with love via wearable device. Please look forward to the release of our mass-production model of the Telepathy One.

# Telepathy One, the concept in detail



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