MSA-Gard GRN Hard Hat: Safety hat made from sugarcane material

Hard Hat made from sugarcane material

MSA, a Pittsburgh-based safety equipment manufacturer has come up with MSA-Gard GRN Hard Hat industrial safety product made from renewable material. Hard Hat is in fact made from sugar, to be precise sugarcane ethanol which has a very small carbon footprint. Just like any other safety hat for work, the Hard Hat provides your head protection without any compromise which makes this product desirable on all counts. And if you might be wondering that does it taste sweet? Then the answer to that would be no.

Hard Hat made from sugarcane material

# According to Eric Beck, MSA Global Director of strategic marketing

By developing a hard hat sourced from sugar, we have reduced the overall carbon footprint that’s associated with the entire life-cycle of this particular product, from start to finish.

# According to Dr. Thomas Muschter , MSA Vice President of Global Product Leadership

The environmental advantages of using ‘green’ HDPE in a hard hat are certainly attractive and are what initially captured our interest. But at the end of the day we would not be using this material if it didn’t provide the same high level of head protection that our V-Gard brand is known for around the world. That’s what makes this product option so attractive. The HDPE sourced from sugarcane provides the same performance and properties as resins made from non-renewable raw materials.

Environmental sustainability is more important than ever today, and our development of a sustainable hard hat provides MSA customers with yet another way to demonstrate their commitment to preserving the planet. For green construction projects, or for companies focused on sustainability initiatives, we think the V-Gard GRN Hard Hat provides a perfect fit.

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