DORA Bicycle Helmet Concept with signal lights for stringent road safety

DORA Bicycle Helmet Concept designed by Balaz Fliczer

Under normal circumstances a bicycle rider would have to make signals with the hand so as to warn other commuters on the road if he/she needs to make a turn either to the left or right. This is no way is a full proof or safe method of commuting on the roads where other people driving cars, buses, trucks or other heavy vehicles. That is why bicycle riders have a very high rate of encountering accidents while on the road. To get over this a bicycle helmet concept called DORA is proposed which prevents road accidents and causalities by actuating the way a bicycle rider signals other commuters on the road.

DORA Bicycle Helmet Concept designed by Balaz Fliczer which is a part of the IBDC 2013 (International Bicycle Design Competition) uses a very unique design which integrates the turn signal lights (direction-indicating lights) into the helmet itself. The helmet itself is made from light-weight yet highly protective material which protects your head in case of an accident. Now coming onto the controls for this bicycle helmet, there is a Bluetooth system which is located on the handlebars so that the rider can press the button for the required signal.

The price and availability is still uncertain of this project as it is still in the concept stage but we expect to see it into the prototype stage. As and when it happens we’ll update you accordingly. In the mean while you enjoy this interesting video of the DORA bicycle helmet concept.

Via: TrendHunter/YankoDesign


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