Special Edition Cyrus Klepcys watch compliments the Lykan Hypersports supercar

Cyurs Klepcys special edition watch

LykanHypersport supercar debuted at the Qatar Motor Show 2013 and after that W Motors was looking to partner with a watchmaking brand. Well, so came into existence the Cyrus Klepcys W Motors special edition watch which will come in a limited number of only 7 pieces. The watch which is waterproof up to 30 meters of depth is designed in collaboration with Cyrus Watches, by famous Swiss watchmaker Jean-Francois Mojo and apparently the watch has his fingerprint melted into the gold medallion making it an exquisite timepiece that truly reflects the uniqueness of LykanHypersport supercar. The very unique design of Cyrus Klepcys evokes a sense of calm and style as we can attain from the looks of this hand sewn watch having blue stitching, black crocodile leather bracelet. This watch which is a tribute to the most advanced and expensive supercar, LykanHypersport will display a scale model of the W Motors LykanHypersports at the BaselWorld 2013.

Cyurs Klepcys watch

Cyrus Klepcys watch has a power reserve of 40 hours, has 3D functions and is embellished with 40 rubies with an automatic movement having the time being displayed in movable axis. The retrograde rotating 3D tens, blue spherical moon phase shown by the rise of white patch and retrograde hour function make this watch a real gem.

# Cyrus Klepcys specifications:

• Oscillating mass: Customized décor on the mass, ceramic ball bearings without lubrication

• Full winding: 30 turns of the winding stem

• Diameter: 48mm including the crowns

• Case back: Original fingerprints of awarded watchmaker Jean-François Mojon

• Inertial balance for greater adjustment stability

• Springs sized using FEM (Finite Element Method)

• Sprockets with optimized teeth (reduced play)

• Phases of the moon: Three-dimensional blue moon

• Calendar: Large date, retrograde three-dimensional tens, pivoting from 31 to 1

• Precise guidance of the height of the tens hand with a ruby bearing

• Time function: Three-dimensional retrograde display mechanism

• Material: 18K white gold / DLC-coated titanium case (black)

• Case: Worldwide registered design, perfectly suiting to the wrist
Blue screws on the bezel

Cyrus Klepcys limited edition watch comes at a whooping price of USD 100,000! Just like the Lykan HyperSports which in itself is a pocket burner at 3,400,000 US dollars.

Cyurs Klepcys special edition watch

Via: CyrusWatchesNews



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