Cute messenger TeleSound delivers emoticons in emotional sounds

I frequently use emoticons while chatting with friends and peers. Every time I use an emoticon I wonder, will the expression I send make any difference to the person on the other side of the screen – and most of the time my thought goes unanswered. Enter TeleSound, a cute little speaker system containing over 1,000 sounds which can be triggered from a smartphone or a tablet using the internet. With TeleSound, it’s like transforming emoticons into sound. Each sound is carefully designed into poetic, fun or meaningful jingle to express a wide range of emotions.

# What is TeleSound about?

The sound vocabulary of the TeleSound is based on the Emojis – emoticons originally used in Japan. Each of the sounds pre-installed in the TeleSound corresponds to some Emojis.

# How does TeleSound Work

The cute TeleSound connects to your smartphone or tablet wirelessly over Bluetooth 4.0 (sorry if your phone isn’t compatible). Once connected, it uses a free app (available for iOS and Android device) to allow everyone with the access to the TeleSound to trigger a serious of sounds to express their emotions from anywhere in the world.

You don’t have to worry about connecting the TeleSound, it will automatically syncs with your phone or tablet when you’re within 10 meter range from the speaker and all received messages, privacy settings and volume can be controlled using the phone or tablet.

With the TeleSound, you’ll never miss a message. As soon as it connects with the mobile device, the TeleSound goes online and retrieves all the offline messages which were delivered when you were away. As soon as the message is delivered to you as sound, the sender will receive a delivery confirmation.

The TeleSound messenger, available in four vibrant colors, draws power from a 2 AAA batteries, which are good to keep the speaker running for a few months (obviously depending on your usage). If you like the concept and wish to make TeleSound a reality, then get over to the TeleSound’s Kickstarter project page and make your pledge, from the various options available and stand a chance to take home one well before your neighbor.



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