Another smartphone accessory to analyze your skin care

When it comes to female geeks or women in general, one thing that binds them all in the same league is the amount of care they do for their skin, and all the efforts they make to beautify it. Japan is one place where electric beauty enhancement devices are found dime a dozen, some for massaging your face while other for filling the pores in the skin etc. Adding to the list, but with a little twist is Memoret – a handy smartphone accessory developed by Maxell, which can sync with the smartphone’s camera to take close up high-def images of the person’s skin to inform her/him of the texture and condition of their skin.

Available exclusively in Japan for now, the Memoret can be used by beauticians and individuals themselves to understand their skin type better and treat it more sincerely for all the problems and beauty effect. There’s no word on the price for Memoret, but we learn that Maxell is developing a mobile app “Hada more” (hada is skin in Japanese) to allow specialists to analyze the clicked skin images.

The app which will allow the users to tract their skin based on parameters such as elasticity, spots and wrinkles is expected to hit the markets in summer this year.

Via: AkihabaraNews



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