Hands-on review with a-Jays One Plus earphones

a Jays One Plus earphones

In a market flooded with plethora of earphones, a-Jays One+ comes as good refreshing surprise with a new unique design that fits very well inside the ears and has been ergonomically designed for comfort while listening to your favorite music. We have tested these pair of earphones for almost over two weeks now and the results are good. First and foremost the earphones come with a long cord that in spite of being roundish in design, is in-fact like a flat ribbon which makes the claim of being tangle free even more potent. This very flat design also provides protection against any wear and tear or the cracking of earphone cable itself. Now, as soon as we got our hands on the a-Jays One+ earphones from the makers themselves, we were impressed by the package design which had the user manual, the earphones and 4 separate pair of ear buds to fit every ear size from teenagers to middle aged people too.

Coming on to the prime reason why we are reviewing the a-Jays One+ earphones, the sound quality is very good for an entry level earphone. We tested the 8.6 mm dynamic speaker engineered headphones with specific music files that test the quality of ear bud headphones for a wide range of criterions such as clarity, 3D depth, bass and treble. Especially the deep bass which is special when you hear it carefully but at the same time doesn’t hurt the ears like some other plugin ear buds out there. The surround sound is also good with treble not that profound but still good enough to please your ears. a-Jays One+ comes with 5 different ear buds so as to fit every ear out there and the make of the the earplugs is very comfortable to wear.

a Jays One Plus earphones review

# Technical specifications

Size-( L)18.3 x (W)11.8 x (H)13.8 mm

Weight- 14 grams

Type- 8.6mm Dynamic speaker

Senstivity- 95dB @ 1kHz

Impedance- 16 Ohm @ 1kHz

Frequency response- 20 Hz to 18000 Hz

Isolation- Minus 40dB @ 2kHz

Remote control- One button remote

Cord length- 115 cm

Plug- L shaped silver plated plug 3.5mm (1/8 in)

Finish- Matte

# Price and color options

a-Jays One Plus earphones come at the price of $60 (£39.80) from the product website but you can get a good deal for these headphones at around $52.69 (£34.95) on portals like GearZap. The earphones come in two color options, black and white and will complement your Samsung Galaxy Note as we tested it extensively with this tab.

# Compatibility

We tested a-Jays One+ earphones with a variety of gadgets including tablets, laptop PC, smartphones and of course the iPod. One issue that came up with the a-Jays One+ earphones was its non-compatibility with Sony and Nokia old smartphone models. Other than that, the earphones faired well with all the MP3 players and other devices having 3.5 mm plug-in jack.

# Stand-out points of the earphones

• The tangle free cable with ribbon like design prevents any chance of tangling even if you keep these earphones in a very shabby manner

• The bass delivered is very thumping yet very pleasing to the ears unlike some other ear buds which do deliver good bass range but can’t be listened for long duration of time

• The cord length is very long and the quality of the material used ensures seamless music frenzy

• Built-in microphone with inline control to take up calls and change music tracks on your MP3 player

• The earphones can be used with a compatible a-Jays app which lets you perform a variety of customized multi-feature controls.

• Noise cancellation of the earphones is very good an eliminates any outside sound once they are plugged-in into the ear canal.

a Jays One Plus earphones review

# Features that might bug you out

• The ear buds did in fact bug us out a bit because sometimes they slip out of the ear and unlike some other earphones that I own, they lack a bit in gripping the ear skin

• Not compatible with certain mobile phone models that we tested like, Sony Xperia WT19i.

• Might not work with old MP3 player or audio devices as the 3.5mm plug has four contacts which is the latest norm these days

# DamnGeeky final verdict

All-in-all the earphones are a good buy at the price tag of $60 as it provides very good music across all genres like Rock, Pop, Jazz and more. The overall design is very intuitive and music delivered is of a very good clear quality making it an ideal buy for geeks who love to listen to loads of music everyday. We would give a-Jays One+ earphones a worthy 4.5/5 purely based on its price range and the features it provides.



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