Spam ham can be transformed into a DIY pinhole camera

Turing trash to working DIY projects is something we really appreciate here on DamnGeeky. Still, not all DIY projects find their way in here. SpamCam however is in the league of its own creativity and is the finest use of Spam ham can we’ve seen in our lifetime (not that we’ve seen many). The F295 Forum user ‘underbyte’ has used an empty Spam ham can and random objects found in the house, to create a fun lens-less camera dubbed the SpamCam.

The really impressive DIY pinhole camera, as informed, is a lens-less camera with 50mm focal length and about 6 x 6.5cm of image area. Featuring a .3mm EMS Pinhole, the DIY camera comes with its own tripod mount and an imposing square viewfinder from an old Holga. What’s exciting about the whole project is that all the scrap used in making the SpamCam is held together with glue and rubber bands.

If you like DIY-ing your own stuff and haven’t given the Spam ham can a serious thought as an object for your camera – then do so right away, and read the instruction on how to make a SpamCam of your own here.

Via: DesignTaxi/Inhabitat



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