Triolin: Violin that requires three players to play it

Do you play a musical instrument? Well, if you do, you are aware of the associated fun. I have always wanted to play a violin, but have never got a chance to practice – perhaps because learning to play a violin involves a lot of commitment and time, and you know, blogging about fancy products, really leaves me any spare time. We all know a lot of musical instruments, but what if someone told you they like playing the Triolin? What, you don’t know what that is – hmm… like out of the world of strange musical instruments, the Triolin by Alex Sobolev is three violins connected to each other by the body.

We don’t understand the real purpose of combining three violins to create one freak instrument, but it is an instrument to challenge the solo instrument notion of the violin. The Triolin engages users in such a way that become a part of expressive physical interaction and the music created isn’t complete unless all play in tandem.

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