Raspberry Pi bike headlight projects bicycle’s speed on road

Remember the BLAZE by Emily Brooke, yes the creatively designed handlebar-mounted bike light aimed at improving a cyclist’s visibility and safety on road. Now, here’s your chance to have a glimpse of another nifty handlebar-mounted device, which projects bike’s speed on road. Still in a prototype stage, this Raspberry Pi Dynamic Bike Headlight uses a combination of Raspberry Pi and projector and is created by seasoned DIYer Matt Richardson.

Matt Richardson for now has combined a Raspberry Pi, Pi’s GPIO and a small battery charger onto a plank of wood installed in the centre of the bike. The small computer is connected to a projector installed on the handlebar (via HDMI) which projects the bicycle’s speed on the road ahead of the bike (see the video below to know more). Though, Matt wishes to finally have a small unit that combines all components necessary in Raspberry Pi bike headlight, which can then be mounted as a single unit on top of the handlebar.

Matt says that he chose to use Raspberry Pi instead of a microcontroller device for the Raspberry Pi bike headlight because of the Pi being an inexpensive ($35) alternative for a video output device and also because the Pi has become every hacker’s love for DIY projects of late. Matt advocates that this project, Raspberry Pi Dynamic Bike Headlight isn’t intended to make a functional headlight but visions to be a very cool way to know how fast you are riding that bike of yours.

Via: YouTube/Reddit



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