Canon projector pen has a secret invitation for its spring 2013 event

Canon projector pen

Canon has devised a new way of sending invites to its associates, press and business partners which was apparent from the secret gift it send along with the product itself that is the all new Canon 70D which will be unveiled officially at a press event on March 22. Unlike the traditional means of sending invitations to the press in written form, Canon has devices a new method of taking the invitees back by bundling a projector pen along with the formal invites. Called as the IXUS Powershot, the silver colored projector pen comes in a cool black case and projects the invite information clearly on any wall or other smooth surface.

The projection lens is located on the top end of the pen and the user has to press the button on this very pen to project a message which is of course the invitation to Canon’s spring 2013 product launch event. Canon will expectantly announce the new Canon 70D DSLP camera at this event and a new PowerShot range as well.

Via: nPhoto/PetaPixel



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