Earth Block Speakers match all interiors, sound awesome outdoors

There are so many compact speakers we’ve seen on the block but rarely a unit impresses us now. The charm of the Earth Block Speakers is slightly different though, it catches the eye on the very first glance of it. Made from raw material biomass of cedar wood and coffee beans, the Earth Block Speaker measures 16 cm wide × 8 cm high × and 7.5 cm deep and offers an amazing stereo sound. The compact speaker system boasts 2W maximum output from within its really exquisite wooden texture.

The Earth Block Speakers priced at 3,980 yen (approximately $42) each, features a built in volume control and power switch along with 3.5mm stereo cable port, USB port and battery, to keep the speakers buzzing even when you’ve got the Earth Block outdoors for a party. The Earth Block Speakers are accompanied with Lego bricks-type blocks, made for same biomass material as the Earth Block. These Blocks can be attached together to form a stand for the iPhone or any other mobile device.

Via: iPhoneMag



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