GPS controlled Nixie clock is new age geek’s timekeeper

Just like the Raspberry Pi circuit board Linux computer, Nixie tube is one geek electronic item that comes in very handy for DIY projects. This GPS controlled IN-14 Nixie Clock by [Pramancin] is fabricated from acrylic and then later on assembled by hand. Two nixie tubes each have been used to represent the hour, minute and seconds for this clock which is kind of cool. To keep the clock accurate on time a BR355 GPS receiver is used and the optional 12/24 hour time format with programmable daylight savings. With the 12V wall socket power adapter that is made specifically to prevent any short-circuits, this GPS controlled IN-14 Nixie Clock is a perfect accessory to feature on any geeks living room table.

According to the maker, there have been quite a few of these clocks that have been made for his friends and some are running even since 7 years now. The price tag of $375 might seem a bit on the higher side, but hey at least you’ll bring back home some rare vintage feel of the nixie tube era which seems to have faded a bit these days.

Via: Etsy/TubeHobby



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