Top 7 hand-crank gizmos to drool over

Top 7 hand-crank gizmos to drool over

Whether you are an adventure junkie or just another random geek, hand-cranked gizmos are in the trend, simply because of their utility and the eco-friendly credentials. Hand-cranked gadgets come in very handy when you need to charge up your mobile phone, get some extra juice for the flashlight or simply for fun with your kids. So all you environmentally friendly adventure seeking geeks brace up for the coolest hand-cranked gizmos that will get you through chalk and cheese no matter what.

7. Hand-Crank Freedom Dynamo Electric Shaver

When you’re out on a camping trip, really out of the grid and still want to use an electric shaver, here is a solution in the Freedom Dynamo Electric Shaver. The Freedom Dynamo features a built-in hand-crank to power the built-in battery of the shaver. Perfect for home, office or outdoors, the $49 Freedom Dynamo Electric Shaver offers you freedom to shave whenever, anywhere.

6. Hand-Crank Eco Media Player

Here’s a nifty idea of collaborating human power with music and video in form of the hand-crank media player. Created by British inventor Trevor Baylis, the Eco Media Player comes with 4GB internal memory and features hand-crank to charge it. The portable media player can be hand-cranked in a minute to play music or video for good 45 minutes. The ultimate travel accessory priced at $196 also comes with a built-in LED torch light.

5. Hand-Crank Smartphone Charger

Now with the hand-crank charger you can charge mobile phone on the go with human power in case of emergency or when you are hiking in the wild with no source to charge your mobile phone. Developed by Eton Corporation the Portable powered Boost Turbine is used for charging your mobile with a spinning hand powered motion. The charger is available in two variants – BoostTurbine 1000 and BoostTurbine 2000 costing $50 and $60 respectively.

4. Hand-Crank Disaster Flashlight Radio  

When you get lost in the wild, make sure you have the Disaster Flashlight Radio on you. The hand Crank Disaster Flashlight Radio is charged by rotation of the crank for around a minute to light up for 30 minutes along with 10 minutes of siren and flashlight to signal the rescue team in case of emergency. Priced at $67 the Flashlight Radio is only available in Japan.

3. Hand-Crank Gridcase Reactor for iPhone 5

When out of home, iPhone users often find their phones run out of juice at odd situations. You can’t carry an extra battery for the iPhone 5, this is when Gridcase’s Reactor case for the iPhone 5 can come in handy. The Gridcase’s Reactor case features hand-crank for juicing up the iPhone 5’s battery just about anywhere. The Gridcase’s Reactor is up for crowdfunding on Crowd Supply.

2. Hand-crank powered Home Kite

Flying kites high in the deep blue skies has always been our childhood time pass, but lack of time on our part has left us devoid of the fun. Now, for geeks who want to fly kites within the confines of the home here is Home Kite, a kite which is charged by a hand-cranked generator and flies for about a minute after a single hand-cranked charge. Hand-crank Home kite is available for purchase at $35.

1. Hand-Crank Digital Camera

Dubbed the Sun & Cloud and manufactured in Japan, this 3MP digital camera is apart from its competitors because of a built-in solar panel on top and a hand crank on the side. Being the world’s only self-generating digital camera, the Sun & and Cloud is housed in a single box and manages simple low res images and basic 640×480 videos at an uninspiring $200 price tag.



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