Spirit of LeMons: Aircraft with wings cut-off to morph into a road racer

Spirit of LeMons aircraft car

What happens when a bird that used to soar in the sky has to walk on the ground? It surely is dismal but none the less a strange event. On the same lines this salvaged 1956 Cessna 310 had its wings cut down and the chassis revamped with a 1987 Toyota van chassis, mid-mounted 4-cylinder engine, Toyota steering wheel and gear shift; to be converted into a racing car. This work of automotive delusion comes courtesy Jeff Bloch, who is a police officer by profession and his friends who named this grounded airplane without wings as Spirits of LeMons. After finishing this racing car airplane, Jeff took it to a racing track for an endurance road race series and won the grand prize at a race in South California.

Spirit of LeMons aircraft car

# According to Jeff after he won the race:

A guy jumps out of a brand new Ferrari and he’s running up to me with his hands up in the air [saying], ‘Oh, my God! This is the coolest car I’ve ever seen in my entire life! My entire life!’ He got out of a brand new Ferrari to tell me that. I said, ‘OK, I’ll trade you. The racing airplane car measures 27 feet and can notch up 90 miles per hour and Jeff has plans to take it to the state police inspection for installing headlights, taillights and turn signals.

# Spirit of LeMons road race car

Via: SpeedyCop/MyFoxDc



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