3D printed GlaDOS robotic arm ceiling lamp is awesomely cool

Instructables users have given us many exciting DIY robots and lamps to drool over, now stretching the league of such creations further, instructables user dragonator has come up with a fully 3D printed GlaDOS that functions as a ceiling lamp and can also transform into a robotic arm with a superled in the eye – now, how cool is that? Dragonator has step-by-step instructions posted on instructables for anyone who’d want to 3D print their own GlaDOS robotic arm ceiling lamp.

For now, the concept is only a ceiling lamp in that amazing shape, due to shortage of time and some heating problems (experienced in getting the arm move) dragonator hasn’t really managed to get the robotic arm to move. It too dragonator about a month to complete… err.. not fully complete GlaDOS robotic arm ceiling lamp. In case you try your own  GlaDOS robotic arm ceiling lamp, make sure you have a 3D printer, electronics and other accessories and yes, a lot of time.

Via: 3ders/NerdApproved




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