Delicious Food Stands for Smartphone are mouth-watering

Delicious Food Stands for Smartphone at Strypa World

One look at this smartphone stand and you’ll say that damn it there are going to be onions, mayonse cheese and oil all over the smarphone once you get it out of there; and a bit of sympathy for the owner of the phone too! But don’t jump the horses yet, as it is in fact a smartphone stand that is made in the shape of a cheese burger. And that is not it, you can choose from among 5 different delicious designs for the Delicious Food Stands for Smartphone that will water your mouth once you own this limited edition smartphone stand. The price tag of USD $43 (4100 Japanese Yen) is very attractive but the downside is that the product has been sold out and we can hope that the seller makes more of these delicious food stands for smartphone.

Via: Strypa-World



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