Bluetooth touchscreen watch lets you control smartphone and apps from wrist

Understanding that gadget lovers deserve something more than a simple wristwatch on their wrist, Dayton Industrial has come up with a touchscreen watch which syncs with any Bluetooth 4.0 compatible smartphone to control the smartphone and its installed apps wirelessly from the wrist. With Portable Control Display Device (PCDD), as the Bluetooth touchscreen watch is called, anyone with a 4.0 compatible smartphone can replicate the phone’s screen on the watch and control it with the interface on the wrist.

The production ready watch has customizable proprietary operating system drawing power from ARM9 based CPU and 2D graphics processor, making it easy for app developers and Original Equipment Manufacturers (OEMs) to create all types of content to work with the watch. The Bluetooth watch features 240 x 240 pixel TFT touchscreen display and comes packed in a anodized 1.35cm-thick aluminum casing with a built-in 3.7V lithium-polymer USB or mains rechargeable battery, which offers up to 2 days of battery backup.

Further, the Bluetooth touchscreen watch features functions like, caller ID, missed call alerts, SMS, appointment reminders, social media controls, music controls, and other automation features along with fitness monitoring, sports and market updates etc. Dayton expects the price of the Bluetooth touchscreen watch to be nominal enough to allow smartphone manufacturing companies to bundle it with their latest releases.

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