Oreo Separation Pump Gun shoots cookie bullets that swell you black & blue

Oreo Separation Pump Gun

A while back we acquainted you with the deadliest DIY weapons that you can make at home and now there is one more that isn’t that deadly but will definitely give you a sore if someone shoots you with it. The Oreo Shotgun that shoots Oreo cream cookie is made by seasoned weapon maker Joerg Sprave who calls it the Oreo Separation Pump Gun simply because it has a detachable sharp blade at the end of the muzzle to separate the two cookie layers of the delicious treat. Joerg created this Pump gun in no time in his backyard in the winters and he also explains in the video that follows that how you can also make it easily at home.

The Oreo Pump Gun which is more of a Pump action crossbow can take 14 Oreos in its magazine and one can go on shooting, cans, boxes, balloons, walls, ballistic gelatin or any other stuff that you feel like shooting an Oreo cookie into. Although the Oreo cookie bullets are not able to penetrate the ballistic gelatin but still they give you a sore patch if it hits you on the flesh as they come out at considerable speed from the pump gun muzzle. One can also modify the pump gun a little bit to make other versions of this DIY Gun too.

# Oreo Separation Pump Gun in action

Via: TecheBlog



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