DIY Lego Go Kart for full grown adults won’t crumble into pieces

Lego Go Kart by Simon Burfield

Remember the intuitive Lego go-kart by Eric Steenstra made for his son? It surely was impressive and now we have a Lego human sized Go-kart built by Simon Burfield that can take much more weight than just a small kid. This Lego go kart is powered by a 16 XL PF motors, 8 rechargeable power function battery packs and can take the weight of a full grown human. To actuate the steering input a NXT is used which controls the 20 EXO-FORCE LEGO Wheels. The idea for this kind of go kart came to Simon’s mind during the winters and he made it for some fun and of course his expertise with the Lego builds came in handy.

As you can see from the video below, Simon’s wife is driving this functional Lego Go Kart forward and showing the way in which the steering input is provided.

Via: Make/BitRebels



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