Archelon Emergency Capsule for surviving nature’s fury

Archelon Emergency Capsule

When god unleashes his fury in the form of natural disaster, the only thing we can do is to be prepared for it in advance and hope that everything is fine after that. In the past we have seen Life Armor disaster shelter that protects up to four people in case of a hurricane and now on similar lines Archelon Emergency Capsule designed by Alexander Nazarenko, Stas Gotsulyak has unearthed which is a disaster relief shelter in case there is a flood, Tsunami or typhoons. The emergency capsule can accommodate 7 people and there are all the basic amenities like toilet, seatbelts, supply of fresh water, food and oxygen to survive for days or even weeks without much worry about survival. The radio, onboard navigation system and electric motors to move forward in any desired direction make sure that you as a refugee can communicate with the outside world and relocate to them your current position.

Archelon Emergency Capsule

With the ability to join many of these Archelon Emergency Capsules to form a refuge zone and the reinforced shock-absorbing exterior layer makes sure that you are safe inside even when the capsule collides with hard objects. Similarly on the inside the internal frame is designed in such a way that you as a person is shielded from external pressures. Archelon Emergency Capsule has been designed in such a way that it keeps afloat no matter how treacherous the conditions are, thereby increasing your chances of survival even in the event of nature’s extreme fury.

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