Volta Sound Block passive sound amplifier for iPhone features a bison horn

We’ve seen some of the finest and innovative sound amplifiers for iPhone, but the Volta Sound Block stands apart. Made to dock the iPhone 4 and iPhone 5, the Volta Sound Block is a passive sound amplifier for iPhone, which is entirely handcrafted in solid block of Northwest Alder (flowering plant from the birch family) and has an actual Bison horn to amplify the iPhone’s audio. Being a passive sound amplifier for iPhone, the Sound Block requires no chargers and Bluetooth connectivity, all you have to do is dock that iPhone into that sound amplifier and enjoy maximum volume in best quality possible.

The Bison horn is attached to the Sound Block using Neodymium magnets that allow the horn to hold firmly when in use, and to be easily mounted or dismounted for easy transportation. Priced at $190, the Volta Sound Block uses wool in the docking area to keep the iPhone safe and scratch free. The Sound Block is custom made and no two units are the same, each Block horn and wood is specially customized in a unique pattern though basic style remains the same.

This passive sound amplifier for iPhone is thus one of the finest iPhone accessories for the indoors (and being light to carry and easy to transport) it doubles as must have sound amplifier for iPhone, outdoors. Each Sound Block comes with its own hand printed travel bag. Check the video below to see the Sound Horn in action.

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