Emergensee vision correction glasses for near and distance viewing

Adlens Emergensee glasses

Wearing glasses can be a usual affair for most of us geeks out there as we are so addicted to the computer screens making our vision a bit blurred no matter what. But there are times when you either break or glasses or lose them at some random outdoor location. This can be really frustrating if you don’t have a back-up pair of glasses to wear. For this very reason Adlens has come up with variable focus eyewear called Emergensee that looks to be a viable solution for broken glasses and contact lenses. Just like the lens adjustment glasses of an optician, the continuously adjustable glasses have two turning dial sections that can be optimally adjusted according to the wearer’s comfort.

Emergensee corrects up to 90% spherical refractive errors in vision and is capable of continuously adjusting for near intermediate and distance tasks. The one size fit all credentials of these magic pair of glasses is perfect for situations when waiting for prescription glasses is undesirable. These light weight durable glasses are made of TR90 frame and polycarbonate lenses that comply with safety and performance requirements.

Via: Adlens



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