Dario diabetes tracker turns your smartphone into glucometer

Diabetes claims the most number of lives worldwide each year; therefore the best way to keep yourself safe is to be aware of your blood sugar levels all the time. There are a lot of mobile, pocket-sized glucometers available out there, but there’s still scope for one that syncs with your smartphone to turn it into one fine diabetes tracker. Enter Dario diabetes tracker, which using a mobile app and secure cloud computing, checks your blood sugar level, analyzes and compares it and also updates your results for the doctor or relatives to see, just with the smartphone.

Dario is one perfect pocket-sized glucose management solution for all of us who lead a modern, active lifestyle. Dario features a meter which easily connects with the smartphone via the headphone port and syncs automatically with the installed Dario app. The device comes with a cartridge that holds 25 test strips, which are easy to insert and remove, also the Dario has an ultra-thin lancet (sterile and sharp) to take blood samples comfortably. There isn’t a word on the price, but the Dario diabetes tracker is expected to be available soon.


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