ArtyA Son of Sound watch is a guitar that shows time

ARTYA Son of Sound watch inspired from guitars

Have a look at this cool ArtyA watch that is shaped like a guitar head and its name also compliment the theme. ArtyA Son of Sound watch is crazy and out of the box creation, as the Silver UFO motorcycle by the watchmaker ArtyA and will be shown off at the Baselworld Watch and Jewellery Show next month in the city of Basel, Switzerland. Yvan Arpa is well known for creating watches that are daring, a tad crazy and proudly bear the image of flamboyant maker himself. Coming on to the watch, ArtyA Son of Sound Watch has 4 pushers that are inspired by tuning pegs of a guitar and the minute and hour hands (on separate metronome type discs) sweep over metronome-type discs giving it a very unique movement unlike any other timepiece.

ArtyA Son of Sound watch with mechanical automatic ArtyA-007 calibre movement is all draped in 18k pink and titanium case. The watch has retrograde hours and minutes and chronograph functions. The bracelet/strap of the watch is also classy as it has brown crocodile leather with a 18k pink gold double pin buckle.

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