Grizzly Robotic Utility Vehicle powered by an all-electric engine

Clearpath Robotics has designed an all-terrain utility vehicle called Grizzly which can take on the wrath of nature for any kind of agricultural, mining or military research. Grizzly is an all-electric vehicle which can carry any kind of payload to the most treacherous locations without much fuzz. The large ATV like robotic vehicle has 8 inch of ground clearance to move ahead without any problem and the huge 26” tires make sure that there is enough grip on the surface to carry extra weight of the payload weighing up to 600kg. Deemed as the largest all-terrain robot which combines the performance of a tractor and the accuracy in movement of a robot, Grizzly has a 80 horsepower engine with 4X4 electronic differential hurling it to a speed of 19 km/h. The front axle articulation of 16 degrees means that Grizzly can take on 6 inch obstacles without losing traction or getting even one single wheel off the ground.

Grizzly runs on Marine grade AGM sealed lead acid which can be charged fully in 12 hours with a maximum run time of 12 hours in one go and towing run time of 3 hours. For remote communication Ethernet is used and for the control modes direct voltage, wheel speed and kinematic velocity is used. To actuate all the controls of this robotic all-terrain vehicle wheel Odometry and control system output make things easier for the operator.

To connect with any kind of utility implements Grizzly, the mean Robotic Utility Vehicle has a bull-bar at the front end and a modular high-tech interface to go with any payload. All-in-all Grizzly is a nice futuristic vehicle that has a very small carbon foot-print due to its electric engine and the power is enough to conquer any terrain for a variety of applications.

Clearpath Grizzly robotic vehicle

Via: Clearpath Robotics



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