Family Comguitar – Guitar made in the shape of 8-bit Nintendo Famicom NES console

Of all the cool guitars you have seen here, this one has to be right up there on top of the list for its cheer design and retro feel. Shaped like a real 8-bit Nintendo Famicom (NES) gaming console, the Family Comguitar body is perfectly scaled to mimic the look. Complete with two controllers made out of kastura wood, one placed on the side and other making up the guitar head that are complimentary to the look of this guitar; surely provoke you to tame those strings on first sight. This DIY guitar is creation of designer Mitsumatsu who left no stone unturned when it came to using lauan wood and carving it into perfect shape. Apart from that the body of Family Comguitar was shaped from pieces of poplar and to match the look old Famicom’s autumn foliage color scheme.

After getting done with the sanding and shaping of the Nintendo Guitar, Mitsumatsu made sure that the colors used were chosen wisely as it would make or mar the look of this guitar. To further amplify the cool look, decals were pasted onto the bodywork to make it look like a Nintendo NES gaming console. According to sources the Family Comguitar has been sold off for an undisclosed amount to the Japanese 8-bit musicians, YMCK. But, you can also venture out on making your own version for around $90, as Mitsumatsu has posted the complete details of this DIY project on his website, so jump straight over now.



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