Ion Party Rocker portable speaker projects cool lights matching the beat

Life can be relentless at times and on this journey unknown you surely need to calm down the horses and party for a bit. To celebrate life, Ion has come up with a portable speaker system called Party Rocker that turns any moment of time into a party as it has a built-in lighting system. This all-in-one sound system is compatible with your iPad, iPhone, iPod, Android devices and other instruments too. But the USP is its ability to project cool pattern changing lights onto walls and ceiling with the in-built lighting, changing your room or hall into a rocking club anytime you want. With the ability to stream music wirelessly from any Bluetooth device like a smartphone or MP3 player; you can operate the speaker from anywhere in your home.

The sound is high fidelity and can be heard clearly from 150 feet away and the 1/8” auxiliary input amplifies sound from any other device that the speaker is connected to. The ability to sing alongside with the music via the connected device to microphone jack, makes sure that your party goes on all night long.

Via: IonAudio



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